Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for joining Picky for Creators – we’re currently in beta stage, and the product is being constantly improved – releasing new version every 2 weeks. Please check our email updates regularly.

Q. What is Picky for Creators?

Picky for Creators is a content marketing platform – connecting global network of creators(micro-influencers) and brands who are seeking contents/social media posts created by the creators. There was no easy and convenient way to negotiate posting fee, copyright and terms of usage – we have witnessed many marketers being frustrated about this part. We’ve simplified the process. $100 per content by a creator. Join us now, and try it out for free. You can see hundreds of high-quality creators applying to your campaign the next morning.

Q. Who are the creators?

There are high-quality content creators from all over the world, mainly focused on English-speaking countries and beauty vertical. We do not work with “macro” creators over 200K~300K followers. We do work with content creators who could deliver professional quality video/photos for your brand.

Sample Creator List and Country Distribution

Q. What’s the difference between Social Campaign and Image/Video Campaign(Content Campaign)?

1. Content Campaign: This is suitable when your objective is obtaining the high-quality content images/videos for your brand and you can provide exact guideline for the creative. (Video length, layout, style, etc.)

  • Image Campaign : 5 images per creator
  • Video Campaign : 2 videos per creator

2. Social Campaign: You can obtain a social media exposure in addition to the contents. This is more suitable when you’re focused on social media validation for the brand campaign.

  • Deliverable: 1 social media post + original creative file (image or video)
  • Choose 1 social media platform – Instagram/TikTok/YouTube

Q. When do I receive the content after opening the campaign?

Creators are supposed to submit the content output within 14 days of delivery completion. Please send the products to creators as soon as possible after approving a creator. If the delivery ends up being late, your content will be also delivered late.

Q. Where can I use the campaign contents?

You can use it anywhere – as marketing creative, social media post, D2C website, banners, offline packaging, and more! 100% free to use by brands for marketing purposes.

Q. Can I choose creators based on the country?

You can choose a target creator criteria when you open the campaign – country/gender/age group. If you’re not looking for a specific group, you could open it as broader target. (Recommended) The narrower your criteria is, the less number of creators can apply.

Q. What happens if the content is not abiding by the guideline request by the brand?

  • You should decide to whether “approve” or “request revise” within 5 days when creator uploads the content on the dashboard. If you don’t make action within 5 days, our system will automatically approve the content.
  • Approved content is subject to 1 credit, and you are able to request a revision to the creator one-time per content if it hasn’t followed the content guideline. 
  • Since the revision request can happen only one-time per creator, we recommend you to provide campaign requirement(content guideline) as detailed as possible
  • If the creator doesn’t upload the content in time after confirming the product delivery, please contact us through Live Chat. Our team will provide you a proper support.

Q. When do have to purchase credits? How are credits deducted from my account?

  • Credits are being deducted when you approve a creator content after submission. Campaign is free to create, however, you’re only able to open a campaign when you have more than 1 credit balance.
  • 1 credit has $100 value, and the higher quantity you purchase each time, you get more free credits.

Q. Is there an expiry date to the credit?

  • Credits expire after 1 year from the purchase date.

Q. What is the difference between creators with 1 credit or 2 credits price tag?

  • Basic campaign cost 1 credit for creator content mostly. When the creator has lots of followers or if they produce very high quality content, it could cost 2 credits.

Q. How can I purchase/charge the credits?

  • We’re providing these 4 options for credit purchase
  • You can use your company credit card of cash transfer to our bank account for purchase after consulting our onboarding specialist

Talk to our onboarding specialist now!

Q. When/How should I ship my products?

We ask brands to finish shipping within 5 business days after approving the creator. You can see the shipping information as soon as you approve the creator. After finishing the shipment, you can type in the tracking code in our system. Creators will be automatically notified of shipping status without you having to communicate with the creators individually.

Q. Can I revise the campaign details after approving the creators?

  • After the campaign is open, you cannot revise the campaign details. If you change the campaign details after the creator applies for the campaign, we consider the contract terms are changed midway. We cannot guarantee that the creators will deliver the result in this case.
  • If you made a mistake, please open the new campaign instead, and please refrain from asking additional requirements midway, such as asking to mention the brand or additional IG story.

Q. Anything else?

  • We ask brands not to communicate directly with the creators outside of Picky Creators. Please refrain from sending DMs to creators.
  • We have an in-platform chat feature where you can talk to the Creators directly! Please use this chat to talk to your creators about all things campaign related.

We are providing live chat 7 days a week for supporting the campaigns. Please don’t hesitate to leave a message to us in English!

Ask a question now!

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