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During the past two years, Picky has given  over 25,000 content creators  opportunities to try and review  trending beauty brands  from all over the world. Now we want to offer more than just products to skilled creators like you. We want to give you the opportunity to receive financial rewards as well!

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Endless opportunities to receive, try and review a variety of products from trending beauty brands for free wherever you’re located!


Expand your network by connecting with other active & engaged creators and being exposed through brands you work with!


You can not only work with dream brands, but receive cash rewards for the content you create with them!



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Create astonishing photo and video content for products you love & get paid per campaign.

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I adore Picky so much. It has helped me identify what products suit my skin type and my skin goals. Not only that but also I enjoy that I can reach out to brands directly on the app.

Of course, one of the most fascinating features of the app is that there are always current global giveaways. Who doesn’t love free beauty products?

I was one of the first members to be part of the Super Picky Squad. I have seen how much Picky has grown in the past 2 years and I can't wait to continue to grow with them!

@Cindycuidatupiell 🇺🇸 US

I love Picky so much! I joined Picky a few years ago as a way for me to test out unique Korean beauty products that I wouldn’t normally get a chance to try.

It’s been such a wonderful way for me to gain experience as a content creator, build great relationships with Korean brands, and be one of the first people to test out products before they are launched. This opportunity allows me to expand my portfolio while meeting other wonderful and creative people.

@Sherhearti 🇮🇱 Israel

Picky is awesome! I have been meeting a lot of new friends with like-minds in the beauty industry through this platform.

On top of that, I was able to collaborate together with a lot of leading Korean Beauty brands. Picky provides many opportunities for influencers all around the world to try out the newest and most innovative products from Korea!

@Funskincare 🇮🇩 Indonesia

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